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Brett Mycles

I don't know much about Brett Mycles. He was born in 1977 in Texas, is 6'1 and 210 to 230lbs. He works as a fitness model and used to live in the Los Angeles area of California. He compete for the first time and became 4th at the NCP Aloha Muscle & Fitness Bodybuilding Contest in Hawaii. More of Brett Mycles here:
Brett Mycles - The Fan Page.
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One of the last pictures of Brett Mycles aka Robert Sager

This is one of the last pictures of Brett Mycles. It's taken in summer of 2006 during a webcam show he was doing. Bett Mycles, who's real name is Rober Sager diet on Feb. 27th 2007. As far as I know: he went to sleep and did not wake up again. He had some problems with his heart. To read more about him, check out this forum:

Find some videos of him on MyMuscleVideo.com

To see lot's of pics of him, check out the FanPage.

Well gonna miss him so much. Rest in Peace!

Brett Mycles has a huge cock.
Brett Mycles has a huge cock.
Brett Mycles has a huge cock.
Robert Sager's great bulge.
Brett Mycles - The Fan Page. Click to see 100s of pics of Robert Sager aka Brett Mycles.

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New Pics of Brett